What Should I Expect During My Free Medicare Consultation?

What to expect during your free Medicare consultation with a Delta Medicare Benefits Group advisor depends on which of the below categories you fall into:

  1. First-time enrollees turning 65 - During your consultation, we explain how Medicare works, answering all of your initial questions and ensuring that you understand your healthcare benefits. Then we’ll enroll you in Parts A and B. It can be a complicated process, and we don’t want our clients to go through that, so we do the heavy lifting for you. After you're enrolled, we’ll conduct a needs analysis. We’ll look at your medications, doctors, and budget to make a determination with you on what supplementation plan is best for your specific needs. As good as Medicare is, everyone needs a supplement. We help you determine what that supplement is, whether it’s a Medicare supplement plan or a Medicare Advantage plan.

  2. For people who have remained on their employer coverage - This consultation process is similar to the first-time callers. We’re going to explain how Medicare works, enroll you in your Part B coverage, and then conduct a needs assessment to determine the supplement that works best for your specific situation and budget.

  3. For existing Medicare beneficiaries who are unhappy with their plan or premiums - We will conduct the same needs analysis that we do with the other two types of clients to determine if you are getting the best plan on the market based on what you need. We have no allegiance with any insurance company; our true allegiance is with our clients, so our goal is to help you maximize your benefits to the fullest extent.

Note that we provide consultations over the phone and in person at our office located in the iBank building on Poplar Avenue. Our address is 5050 Poplar Ave Suite 1715, Memphis, TN 38157.

To set up your consultation with our expert Medicare advisors, call us at 901-460-7220 today.